Mark Heimermann

Mark Heimermann is commonly referred to as the "fourth member of dc Talk", and with good reason. He's produced/co-produced all of their albums since Nu Thang, and has co-written many of their biggest hits.

His addition to the team really added a "rock and roll" dimension, according to Toby around the time Nu Thang was being recorded.

Mark has also played keyboards and organs on various songs, and has sung backup occasionally.

DC Talk isn't the only group he's been associated with... Mark Heimermann has always been one of the most in-demand producers and songwriters in Christian music, having huge success with artists such as Jaci Velasquez.

Even though he's been writing and producing with DC Talk almost from the beginning, the Jesus Freak 10th Anniversary collection was the first time we got to hear him in action. Check out the Mind's Eye demo on disc 2, where he and Michael Tait lend their voices to an early version of the song.

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