Yo Ho Ho

Not long after Nu Thang came out, DC Talk was part of a Forefront compilation called Yo Ho Ho. It was a Christmas album, released in 1990. Toby said he had already been working on some Christmas songs, so it was a natural fit. In addition to the two tracks they created for the project, an instrumental of the title track was also included, making it one of the easier DC Talk instrumental tracks to obtain.

Track List

01Yo Ho Ho (DC Talk)
02Drummer Boy (ETW)
03Glory to God (Stephen Wiley)
04J.O.Y. (Transformation Crusade)
05The King (Allelujah) (DC Talk)
06Can't Spell Christmas Without Christ (E.T.W.)
07Reason for the Season (DC Talk)
08Winter Wonderland (D-Boy Rodriguez)
09Mary Had a Little Lamb (M.C. Ge Gee)
10Drummer Boy (Track) (E.T.W.)
11Yo Ho Ho (Track) (DC Talk)

Recording and Production

Executive Producers: Dan R. Brock and Ron W. Griffin

Project Coordinator: Greg A. Ham

7106 Moore's Lane Suite 200
Breantwood, TN 37027

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