Word 2 The Father

© 1992. Written by Toby McKeehan Drum Program: MBL, Toby McKeehan
Additional Programming: Danny Duncan, 2 the T
Keyboards: MBL, Anthony Miracle and Mark Heimermann
Bass: Jackie Street
Guitars: George Cocchini
Spice: 2 the T, Toby McKeehan
Background Vocals: Billy Gaines, Ken "Scat" Springs, Michael Tait, Todd Collins, Toby McKeehan


Word 2 the Father, Word 2 the Father

We're here to say Word 2 the Father up in heaven
A shout out loud from me, Mike, and Kevin
Some may wonder what we're talkin' about
When Word is heard
It's like a church that shouts "Amen!"
It breaks down to approval
Those in the pews may find it unusual
We're here to get them to loosen their collars
And use this to say Word 2 the Father

Word, say Word 2 the Father
Above any other, say Word to the Father
Pump, pump, pump, pump it up!

Once again we're here to drop some science
Standin' up tall in the land of giants
Steadily keepin' our message intact
And the truth is, it's a matter of fact
That this goes out to the One we look to
Hopin' that the message in our jam would hook you
Up in a hurry so that you could be locked in
This is a bond that you oughtta take stock in

This is a shout out to heaven from Toby, Mike and Kevin
Straight up propers to the Papa
And can't nobody stop us
Cause we'll do this, like Brutus
We told you we ain't new to this
So jump on it like a hornet
And we got no other word than

When dc Talks, He Works like this
I Luv Rap Music--Can I Get a Witness?
He's doin Nu Thangs so the Children Can Live
Without the Things of This World that only He can give
We need to Talk it Out, stop Spinnin' Around
So let's Take It To the Lord if we're Heavenbound
Ya see Time is tickin' away so we gotta come harder
We're tearin' down Walls with a Word 2 the Father

God is always workin'

Word 2 the Father, Word 2 the Father up above

I give my life to you
In everything I do
These words I sing to you
This love I know will never end

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