That Kinda Girl by DC Talk

© 1992. Written by Toby McKeehan
Keyboard, Bass, and Drum Programming: Joe Hogue, Toby McKeehan
Additional Programming: 2 the T
Guitars: Micah Wilshire
Background Vocals: Joe Hogue, Micah Wilshire, Chris Willis, Kevin Smith, Michael Tait, Toby McKeehan
Spice: Toby McKeehan, 2 the T


That Kinda Girl (Instrumental/Karaoke Version)


The other night I met a girl
And she looked to be so nice
I asked her for the digits
And she didn't think twice
A couple of days later called her up and asked her out
She said,"with you?" I said, "with me,"
And then she said, "without a doubt"
I took her to the Garden where
I guess they grow the Olives
She wore a tighter skirt
Than any I had seen in college
She said, "I love to smoke and drink"
While cursing like a sailor
I asked her where she got her mouth
And if she had a tailor
Finally I walked her to the door to say goodnight
She said, "I am an apple, would you care to take a bite?"
Politely I refused and said, "I'm looking for a lady"
So she slapped me in my face and said,
"Boy, you must be crazy"

Different from the ones before
Different from the ones before She's that kinda girl
Different from the ones before,
Cause I know she loves the Lord
She's that kinda girl
Virtuous in every way
The kinda girl that makes you say,
"I hope she comes my way"

Well I'm lookin' for a girl who virtuous
Cause God laid it on my heart to search for this
So I open up the Word to the book of Proverbs
The 31st chapter tells me all about her
Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain
A woman who fears the Lord, she ain't playin'
Hear what I'm sayin', cause I'm sayin' it clearly
She's the kinda girl I gots to have near me

Well I'm lookin' into hookin' with a lady
And not a girly of the worl'y that's shady
But the kinda girl you meet
Behind the doors of a church
Ya see, God will bring her to me
So I don't have to search
Too hard I've been scarred by the ones of the past
So put an APB out on the one that will last
A little longer than a roll in the hay for sure
But a bona fide lady's what I'm prayin' for

When I finally meet her, I'll know how to treat her
By fulfilling all her needs
Love her and respect her, cherish her forever
She's the kinda girl for me

Heaven help me, hear my plea
I know there's one who's perfect for me

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