Sugarcoat It by dc talk

Written by Toby McKeehan, Kevin Max, and Mark Heimermann
Produced by Toby McKeehan and Mark Heimermann


Movin' at the speed of sound
There has never been a lull in the motion
Conversations swirl around
Strangers questioning their devotion
Welcome to the world of talk shows
Where everybody seems to know

People talk and never listen
Come to their conclusions
So we'll feed 'em with the spoon
That makes the medicine go down

Baby you got it
Baby we wrote it
Maybe you thought that we sugar coat it
Aint gonna hide it
Gotta expose it
Yeah, we're gonna let our light shine

Standing on the stage of life
We are waiting for the final curtain
You can take a seat and watch tonight
But you're gonna get more than you came for

And welcome to our jam
Where folks are getting down
The Jesus freaks from
Every part of this here town

You can try and ask us why
We came to this solution
Though words may fly
You can't deny
It's in the air tonight

They thought we'd change our tune
They thought that we'd go bust
They thought we'd crumble
Like my grandma's flakey crust
Kapow, up in the here and now
The truth is screaming big
A light so bright
Whether day or night
It can't be hid

Baby you got it
Baby we wrote it
Aint gonna hide it
Yeah, we're gonna let our love light shine

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