So Help My God by dc Talk

© 1995. Written by Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait, Kevin Max Smith, Mark Heimermann, Dan Huff
Drums: Scott Williamson
Guitars, Programming: Dann Huff
Bass: Jackie Street
B-3 and Programming: Mark Heimermann
Bongos, Loops: Todd Collins


[I got something for you, man]
[Let's go for a ride]

Bombarded by philosophies that satisfy the surface
I flee to something deeper
At the risk of seeking purpose
How can I hang in this environmental state of being
When everything I'm striving for
Is nothing that I'm seeing

Won't You take my heart, won't You take my soul
Won't You come and make me whole again
You, You've got what I need and You never retreat
Unto You I will concede

So help me God
To put my faith in You
So help me God
Before I come unglued
Call it my addiction
I can't get enough of You
So help me God
To put my faith in You

Infected by the skin I'm in that's starving with desire
And Jesus ain't the latest thing to come across the wire
I throw myself in mercy for I am the chief of sinners
But daily taking up my cross
Has brought it's share of splinters

You're there when I call
And You're there when I fall
Even though I don't deserve it all
You, You light my way
Through the night and the day
And from You I will not stray

God so help me
This is my soul's plea
I'm desperately devoted
I can't get enough of You
So help me God

Cause You are the one I love
Cause You are the one I need
[I need you]
Cause You are the one I'm seeking
[Every single day]
Cause You are the one for me

[I just walked into a Meat n Three... I think everybody's starin' at me...
I gotta go]

Live Versions

So Help Me God has unfortunately only been played during the Jesus Freak tour and for a few concerts before and after. Before the Freak Show tour, it was played in conjunction with Word 2 the Father (which is a no-brainer since they share many chord and structural elements). A great version was played during a Billy Graham crusade before the Supernatural album came out... the first verse was changed during this performance.

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