Little Voice Inside

© 1998. Written by Chris Harris, Joey Elwood, and Toby McKeehan. Produced by Mark Heimermann.


Father do you hear me
Cause I know, I hear you
I waited for the answers
While sitting here in my room

I danced to the rhythm and moved by myself
No one could see through me or hear the words I felt

Little voice inside keeps calling
Little voice inside it cries
Little voice inside keeps calling
Little voice, oh, won't you be my guide?

I sometimes hear the echo
The pattern of my cry
I sometimes feel the pulling
From a sound that's deep inside

Quiet are the whispers and silent are my eyes
No one hears but me that little voice inside you see


It's well-known that dc Talk wrote around 60 songs for the Supernatural album, so 45 or so remain unreleased. Because of the timing and the people involved in this song, this is potentially one of them. This song in particular kind of has the "My Will" songwriting team.

It appears on the Jaci Velasquez album.

Musicians include Jackie Street, George Cocchini, Jerry McPherson, Terry McMillan, Mark Heimermann, and Dan Needham.

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