It's Gonna Be Worth It

© 1992. Written by Toby McKeehan and Mark Heimermann


Out with the girls, looking for guys
You can tell the game by the look in their eyes
Who's Mr. Right, who's Mr. Wrong?
You'll know in your heart when the one comes along

It's gonna be worth it
Someday you'll understand
It's gonna be worth it
To put your heart in God's hands
It's gonna be worth it
When all is said and done
It's gonna be worth it

He's promising this, if you give him that
But keep your innocence cause you can't get it back
Don't hurry love, don't settle for less
Hold out for the love of the one who knows best

Mama always told me there was nothin' good for me out there after midnight
Someday you'll understand


Mark Heimermann, Chris Harris, Jackie Street, Jerry McPherson, George Cocchini, etc. Appears on Lisa Bevill's album My Freedom.

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