I Wanna Tell the World

© 1992. Written by Michael W. Smith, Mark Heimermann, and Toby McKeehan


I saw you and you saw me
And I didn't even know your name
Just one look that was all it took
And I knew I'd never be the same

If walkin' on air compares to what I feel
Then how can I keep it sealed when...

I wanna tell the world
If the smile on my face hasn't given me away
I wanna tell the world
There ain't no way to hide it, your love has got me flyin' high

Since the day that you looked my way
I knew we were meant to be together
Now I think the Lord for a love like yours
Cause I knew it's gonna last forever

It's hard to believe that my dreams have all come true
And I'm so in love with you that...

I just want the world to know
Love has got me good to go
I have got to get it out
She is all I think about
It's somethin' that I need to say
Love has overtaken me


This song appears on Michael W. Smith's album "Change Your World". I included it on this site because of Toby and Mark's involvement, and because Toby has some vocal lines. Bass is done by Jackie Street and guitar is done by George Cocchini also, so it's as close as you can get to having a dc Talk song without dc Talk.

DC Talk also sings background on his song "Give it Away", also appearing on this album.

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