© 1992. Written by Toby McKeehan and Mark Heimermann


I'll always remember your beautiful smile

You and me, the temperature's rising
We're all alone in the heat of the night
S.O.S., temptation is trying me
Somebody help me cause I'm losing the fight

Oh you always hear me
Oh I need you near me Lord

You're always by my side, I'll never be alone
You're with my day and night, you are my chaperone
You're watching over me, no matter where I go
That's why you'll always be, my only chaperone

Friday night, the party is groovin'
The pressure's up and morality's down
He told me, if I didn't do it
I'd never hang with the popular crowd


Mark Heimermann, Chris Harris, Jackie Street, Jerry McPherson, George Cocchini, etc. Appears on Lisa Bevill's album My Freedom.

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