Can't Get Away

© 1996. Written by Toby McKeehan and Mark Heimermann
Performed by John Schlitt
Keyboards: Mark Heimermann
Guitars: Dan Huff
Bass: Jackie Street
Guitars: George Cocchini Drums: David Huff
Percussion: Terry McMillan


In the closets of my mind
I have thoughts unfit for swine
Secrets that I dare not tell
You know them well
'Neath of a veil of innocence
I desguise my decadance
But somehow you see through it all
And love me still, you love me still

Even in my darkest hour
You display Your mercy's power
Since I met You I've discovered

Can't get away, can't get away from your love
Can't get away, can't get away from your love
I may run and I may hide
But you will seek and you will find
I can't get away, can't get away from your love

Knowing I deserve to burn
Eternal life I try to earn
Motivated by my guilt
I slave away
Imprisoned by the laws of man
I sink deeper in the sand
Will I ever realize I'm in your grace, I'm in your grace

Covered by the blood of Christ
I don't have to pay the price
There's no escaping paradise

Short Analysis and Review

Those names should look familiar: it's the same group that plays on a lot of dc Talk's work. It's popularly held that this has some sort of origins with the Jesus Freak record. I mean, just look at the writers and the names involved. Just listen to the song. The verse progression is very similar to the song Jesus Freak, as well.

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