Solo EP

An interesting project was 2001's "Solo EP" that featured the previously unreleased "40 Live" by dc talk, as well as two solo songs from each member. The design was neat; it was made to look like a mix cd that someone had burned. The versions of the Tobymac songs that were included are not the final versions, and were changed somewhat for the final release on his solo album Momentum. Solo EP was released April 24, 2001.

Track List

0140 Live (dc talk)2:40
02Alibi (Tait)4:12
03All You Got (Tait)4:39
04Return of the Singer (Kevin Max)3:51
05Be (Kevin Max)3:47
06Somebody's Watching Me (Tobymac)3:47
07Extreme Days (Tobymac)3:50

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