Jesus Freak Single

Released on August 1st, 1995. Imagine the surprise when tens of thousands of dc Talk fans bought this little cd and heard it for the first time. This release marks the group's change from rap/hip-hop to grunge/alternative rock, though when the album finally hit you could see that the change wasn't as complete as some might have first thought.

This single is loaded with goodies, including videos, a remix, and two live tracks.

Track List

01Jesus Freak4:50
02Jesus Freak (Gotee Brothers "Freaked Out" Remix4:42
03I Wish We'd All Been Ready3:45
04Jesus is Just Alright (Live)4:51

Production and Credits

Live Players (for I Wish We'd All Been Ready and Jesus is Just Alright): Otto Price, Brent Barcus, Will Denton, Jason Halbert

Live songs filmed/recorded in Detroit, MI

Art Direction: Kerri Stuart and Toby McKeehan

Design and Layout: Kerri Stuart, Chris Vance, Brad Talbot

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