Intermission: The Greatest Hits

In 2000, dc talk went on "Intermission", though they continued to tour together off and on for the next couple years. To commemorate the split, they released an album of greatest hits. The most interesting parts are the two new songs, generally thought to be Supernatural rejects that got touched up. They're actually quite good. There's also a nice remix of Say the Words and two new tracks with the next door neighbors, the Morgans.

There was a concerted effort to keep the collection to one disc instead of two. Also, none of the songs from the first two albums made the cut. At the time, Toby planned on releasing an album with remixes of the older material.

Track List

01Say the Words (Now)
02Colored People
03Jesus is Just Alright
04Between You and Me
05Mind's Eye
06Consume Me
07My Will
08In the Light
09Mr. Morgan (Act 1)
10Socially Acceptable
11Luv is a Verb
13Jesus Freak
14The Hardway (Video Mix)
15What if I Stumble
16I Wish We'd All Been Ready
18Sugarcoat It
19Mrs. Morgan" (Act 2)

Recording and Production

Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound

Digital Editing by Ronnie Thomas and Randy Leroy

Creative Direction: Scott McDaniel

Art Direction and Design: Room 120

Photography: David Dobson

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