Free at Last Extended Play Remixes

In 1994, DC Talk released an EP of remixes to tide fans over and keep their presence in the marketplace. The project didn't fare particularly well but it provided an interesting listen. Of interesting note, the Hardway remix is the version that's featured on compilations from this point forward (as Kevin noted in an interview at one point, that version is preferred even to the original). To call it a "remix" isn't entirely accurate -- there's some additional guitar parts by John Painter.

Track List

01Jesus is Just Alright (Techno Remix)5:24
02Jesus is Just Alright (Retro Remix)6:32
03Luv is a Verb (Gotee Remix)4:28
04The Hardway (Video Mix)5:28

Production and Credits

Jesus is Just Alright remixes by Scott Blackwell.

Executive Producers: Dan R. Brock and Eddie DeGarmo

Mastered by Ken Love for MasterMix

Disc Photography: John Falls

Design and Stills by Nucleus

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