Welcome to the Freak Show

This album is a live recording from their famous Jesus Freak tour (called "Welcome to the Freak Show"). It was recorded during the last two dates, in the Tacoma Dome, WA and the Portland Memorial Coliseum, OR.

Track List

02So Help Me God4:27
03Luv is a Verb4:54
04Like it Love it Need it7:58
05Colored People4:47
06Jesus is Just Alright5:58
07What if I Stumble6:12
08In the Light5:02
09Mind's Eye6:04
10It's the End of the World as We Know It7:18
11Day by Day4:35
13Time Is...3:51
14Alas My Love2:12
15The Hardway5:43
16Jesus Freak6:03

The Band

Toby McKeehan - dc Talk
Kevin Max Smith - dc Talk
Michael Tait - dc Talk

Brent Barcus - Guitar
Will Denton - Drums
Jason Halbert - Keyboards
Otto Price - Bass
Marvin Sims - Percussion
Mark Townsend - Guitar

Album Credits

Produced by: Toby McKeehan
Executive Producers: Dan R. Brock and Eddie DiGarmo
Recorded by: Tim Roberge for Remote Control, Inc. of Lynwood, WA
Mixed by: John Hampton and Toby McKeehan at Javelina Recording Studios in Nashville, TN
Mastered by: Eric Wolf of Wolf Mastering in Nashville, TN
Overdubbing: The Loft, Nashville TN
Engineer: Robert Tassi
Assistant Engineers: Joe Hayden, Stan Coty, Tim Roberts
Editing: Jeff Boggs on SADIE assisted by Damon Riley

Art Direction: Kevin Max Smith and Tom Davis at East/West Design in Nashville, TN

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