Nu Thang

Nu Thang was released only a year or so after DC Talk's debut album. The rock and roll feel, in addition to upgraded production sensibilities was due in large part to the addition of Mark Heimermann as producer and the group's own developing musical sensibilities.

While the DC Talk debut album mostly celebrated Christianity, Nu Thang dealt a lot more with social issues. Toby explained that this was because they had spent so much time on the road, touring and encountering a lot of people and situations.

Track List

01When DC Talks2:28
02He Works3:39
03I Luv Rap Music3:49
04No More3:37
05Nu Thang4:12
06Things of This World5:11
08Talk It Out3:59
09Take It to the Lord4:20
10Children Can Live (Without It)3:56
11Can I Get a Witness4:25

Other Songs, Demos, and Outtakes

Released shortly after Nu Thang was a cd put out by forefront called Yo Ho Ho, which contained three tracks by DC Talk, two of them brand new.

Yo Ho Ho (on Yo Ho Ho)
Reason for the Season (on Yo Ho Ho)
Addicted to Jesus (on Carmen's 1991 album)

Singles and Videos

Singles for the album were I Luv Rap Music and Can I Get A Witness, although Walls did great through word of mouth and video play.

Videos were made for Nu Thang, I Luv Rap Music, and Walls.

The video Rap Rock & Soul was made around this time and shows the guys hanging out, rehearsing, and performing.

Recording, Production, and Development

Recorded at
Crosstown Recorders in Memphis, TN
Duckworth Studio in Nashville, TN
Hummingbird Studio
Omni Sound Recording
Quad Studio.

Produced by Mark Heimermann and Toby McKeehan

Executive Producers
Dan Brock
Ron W. Griffin
Chris Harris

Toby McKeehan -- Programs
Joe Hogue -- Programs
Joel Dobbins -- Programs
Gary Lunn -- Programs
Tom Lonardo -- Programs
Mark Heimermann -- Keyboards
Tony Thomas -- Keyboards
Kevin Max Smith -- Keyboards
Jackie Street -- Bass
Jerry McPherson -- Guitar
Steve Taylor -- Guitar
Greg Redding -- Guitar
Chris Rodriguez -- Guitar
2 the T -- Samples and Scratches
True M.C. -- Samples and Scratches

Background Vocals:
Todd Collins
Vicki Hampton
Chris Harris
Mark Heimermann
Chris Hogue
Joe Hogue
Chris Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez

Engineers and Effects:
Joe Baldridge
Lynn Fuston
Gregg Jampol
Rusty McFarland
Greg Morrow
Ray Gaston -- Assistant Engineer
Randy Garmon -- Assistant Engineer

Art and Photography
Buddy Jackson -- Art Direction
Beth Middleworth (Jackson Design)-- Design
Mark Tucker -- Photography

Mixed by: Brett Teegarden

Mastering: Ken Love


DC Talk toured heavily in these days. They were on tour with DeGarmo and Key, and Michael W. Smith. More notably, in fall of 1992 they went on their "Nu Skool Jam Tour".

Live Versions

In the Free At Last Tour, several songs from Nu Thang were played, most of them in the last half of the show.

"Nu Thang" was performed by itself. The others were part of medleys. For instance, "Things of this World" was performed almost in its entirety, but was combined at the end with Children Can Live. There was a rock number that featured Walls and Time Is... from the Free at Last record.

I got an e-mail saying that When DC Talks was also performed at some shows, but I can't find a source other than word of mouth.


Richard Hartline (and everyone at Horizon studios) is thanked.

Greg Morrow at Crosstown is thanked.

"2 the T" is Todd Collins.

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