Jesus Freak

Track List

01So Help Me God4:39
02Colored People4:26
03Jesus Freak4:50
04What If I Stumble5:06
05Day by Day4:30
06Mrs. Morgan0:57
07Between You and Me4:59
08Like It, Love It, Need It5:23
09Jesus Freak (Reprise)1:17
10In the Light5:06
11What Have We Become?6:09
12Mind's Eye5:17
13Alas My Love5:18

Other Songs, Demos, and Outtakes

Carried Away
Can't Get Away
Mind's Eye Demo

Singles and Videos

Recording, Production, and Development

Producers: Mark Heimermann, Toby McKeehan, John Mark Painter

Recording Studios
House of Insomnia and Fun Attic Studios in Franklin, TN.
Strings recorded by Lynn Fuston at The Sanctuary.

Joe Baldridge
Todd Robbins -- Additional Engineering
Russ Long -- Additional Engineering
Ed Sharpe -- Assistant Engineer
Dave Dilbeck and Penn Singleton -- Assistant Engineers
Shane Wilson -- Assistant Engineer
Patrick Murphy -- Assistant
Patrick Murphy -- Assistant

Mixed by Joe Baldridge. Mix assistant: Chuck Linder. "What if I Stumble" mixed at Secret Sound.

Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix

Edited by Ronnie Thomas at MasterMix in Nashville, TN.

Brent Barcus
George Cocchini
Dann Huff
Jerry McPherson
Dave Perkins
Chris Rodriguez
Mitch Myers
Oran Thornton
Sean Turner

Will Denton
David Lyndon Huff
Aaron Smith
Scott Williamson

Brent Milligan
Otto Price
Jimmie Lee Sloas
Jackie Street

Other and Multi
Todd Collins -- percussion, bongos, Conga, Drums, Cabassa, Loops, Cowbell
Mark Heimermann -- Bass, Piano, cymbals, Hammond organ, Moog Synthesizer
Ronn Huff -- Arranger, Conductor
Terry MacMillan -- Percussion
Shaun McWilliams -- Mandolin, Drums
John Mark Painter -- Bass, Guitar, Accordion
Dennis Soley -- Flute

All vocals by dc Talk. Additional vocal arrangements by Michael Tait.

Charlie Peacock: Outro Vocals on In the Light

Executive producer: Dan R. Brock

Design and Layout: Paul Venaas.

Art Direction: Kevin Max Smith

Back Cover Photo: Normal Jean Roy

Individual Band Photos: John Falls

Collage Photos: Joe Baldridge and Toby McKeehan

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