Free At Last

Track List

01Luv is a Verb4:15
02The Kinda Girl4:12
04Jesus Is Just Alright4:37
05Say the Words5:00
07Socially Acceptable4:57
08Free at Last4:55
09Time Is...4:10
10The Hardway5:19
112 Honks & A Negro0:18
12Lean on Me5:00
14I Don't Want It4:14
15Will Power0:15
16Word 2 The Father4:02
17Jesus is Just Alright (Reprise)1:00

Other Songs, Demos, and Outtakes

I Luv My Neighbor
Got To B Tru
I Wanna Tell The World
It's Gonna Be Worth It

Singles and Videos

Videos were made for Jesus is Just Alright and The Hardway, and a video consisting of Free at Last Tour shots was made for Luv is a Verb.

Singles were Jesus is Just Alright, Luv is a Verb, Socially Acceptable, and The Hardway.

Say The Words (Now) was a single in 2000.


Say the Words (Now)
The Hardway Revisited
Socially Acceptable (Forefront Mixdown)

Recording, Production, and Development

Produced by Mark Heimermann, Toby McKeehan, Joe Hogue
Michael Quinlan: Producer Assistant

Recording Studios
Deer Valley
Sound Revolutions
Bennett House
Recording Arts
Southern Living

Mixing Studios
Mole End

Joe Baldridge -- Engineer
Paul Salveson -- Engineer
Lynn Fuston -- Additional Engineer
Bryan Lennox -- Additional Engineer
Ronnie Brookshire -- Additional Engineer
Keith Compton -- Additional Engineer
Penn Singleton -- Additional Engineer
Brett Teagarden -- Additional Engineer
Steve Bashire -- Additional Engineer
Clark "Fundies Hook -- Assistant Engineer
Patrick Kelly -- Assistant Engineer
Greg Parker -- Assistant Engineer
Bryan Harden -- Assistant Engineer
Shane Wilson -- Assistant Engineer
Jeffrey Coppage -- Assistant Engineer
Martin Woodley -- Assistant Engineer

Mark Heimermann -- Keyboards
Joe Hogue -- Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Dann Huff -- Guitar
Micah Wilshire -- Guitar
Jerry McPherson -- Guitar
Wade Jaynes -- Bass
Anthony Miracle -- Keyboards
John Mark Painter -- Strings
Jackie Street -- Bass
Toby McKeehan -- Programming

Background Vocals
Mary Chapman
Todd Collins
Roberta Higgs
Joe Hogue
John Madgett
Juanita Pemister
Veronica Petrucci
Toby Spice
Chris Willis
Micah Wilshire

Majik -- DJ

Mixed by Stephen Stewart Short
Martin Woodlee -- Assistant Mix Engineer
Amy Hughes -- Assistant Mix Engineer
John Hurley -- Assistant Mix Engineer
Clark "Fundies" Hook -- Assistant Mix Engineer

Mastered by Ken Love

Art Direction: Toby McKeehan

Design and Layout
Michael McGlaflin (The Art Table)
Judy Northout (Northout and Associates)

Art Coordination: Lisa Stutts, Beth Finch

Front Cover and Inside Photography: Norman Ray

Back Cover and Inside Photography: John Falls


There were a smattering of appearances in 1993

The Free at Last World Tour was in the first half of 1994

Live Versions

On the Free at Last tour, every main song from the album was played on the tour, even parts of Testimony (during Back 2 the Basics).

On the Jesus Freak Tour, Luv is a Verb, Jesus is Just Alright, Time Is..., and the Hardway were played. I Wish We'd All Been Ready from the Free at Last tour was also included.

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